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Why addiction admitting is necessary?

Going to rehab could save your life

Why addiction admitting is necessary?

You do not need to say anything to anyone but admitting that you're addict is the mechanism of protection. There are many factors but there is one major factor and it is depending on the environment and society.

It is recommended to addicts to return to former society - the people they knew before they became addicted, or to turn the society in which no drug, alcohol and such. If an addict recognize such environment, he could in some way control and keep addicts from further taking of psychoactive substances (substance abuse) or similar addcition like gambling.

Admitting that you're addict is one and only way to help yourself and your family. Most addicts will benefit from rehab treatment. They come out as better persons showing that they care for others.

Going to rehab could save your life. Please remember that any addiition comes from the boredom!


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