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I want simply to quit without pain

I want simply to quit without pain

The first time I took heroin I was at age 13. I immediately injected it into the vein. I took a total of Heroin three years, with breaks in between. Before I tried Heroin, THC and alcohol. At age of 15, I completely stopped taking the heroin, but in the winter of 2003 I again took a break after 7 months with Morphine.

I injected every day for a couple of weeks and suddenly I became addicted. That feeling of dependence I never knew by then. I was a heroin addicted and I could not stop when I want. I never overdosed of any substance, and I always knew my limits.

Since I was 16 I was addicted to Morphine. I entered the substitution program and since then I have received 520 mg of Morphine. In the meantime I tried twice to get off alone with methadone, but I never made it. I had to turn right to cross the Susbstitol. I've always taken THC further to this day.

I want to quit from everything. I was already in rehab three times, but every time I had to stop after a few days, because no one cared about me in the hospital. I have always had a hard, cold quitting. After the last withdrawal, I realized that I should have quit normally, so I decided to rehab therapy. If knew early for that I would decide few years ago. I attended school to work with children in kindergarten, but they will give me diploma only when I can prove from the medical side that I'm celan. I really want to do it. Want to live fulfilled life and to finally start driving and start my own family.

In total I took drugs for 11 years. From June 2010 until November 2010 I was in the exchange program with methadone, but that did not tolerate it and took me back to Morphine. Currently I'm taking 2-3 times a day 200 mg of Morphine, smoking THC and sometimes I take an additional benzodiazepine (Rohypnol, Somnubene, Praxiten), or what I can get at the moment. I have not addicted on it.

Recently I am depressed because I want to get off the drugs. The addiction takes me too long already. I want simply to quit without pain, to return home, take a degree, and start work. That is my life dream!


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