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What is drug addiction?

And why is never too late for treatment

What is drug addiction?

Dependence or addiction is a vulnerability to harmful habit, often psycho drug dependence (including legal drugs, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol). Addiction is a disorder that threatens not only the addict, but the entire system of people - in the family for at least three, and in the immediate environment even ten people. In the past few decades because of the birth of the Internet there is the possibility of Internet addiction.

Classifications include more types of abuse, such as physiological, psychological, behavioral and compsuitive. All species have a similar course, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment procedures.

Every day we are surrounded by people addicted from caffeine and nicotine to those addcited to drugs, alcohol or gambling. Some are trivial and some extreme, but the result is similar: harmful habits which are only distinguished by the quantity of degradation of the organism. The of us most choose to ignore the problem, closing our eyes and remaining silent because "it is not our problem" or "there's nothing I can do" until someone close or dear to us accidentally wanders into "uncharted" waters.

However as much the public talk about drug addiction and alcoholism, the data on the prevalence of dependence show that they still don't talk too much.

While addcition is clearly in the family and immediate surroundings one of the main problems in the treatment of addiction is precisely the attitude and behavior of people that directly affects the dependence. Families are hiding addiction because of fear, ignorance and guilt. Thay are ashamed because they feel that thay have failed.


It's never too late for addicition treatment!


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