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What is rehab center?

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What is rehab center?

Rehab centers offer help in drug or alcohol rehabilitation including: Outpatient Treatment Centers, Residential Drug Rehab, Long Term Drug Rehab, Detox Centers, Alcohol Rehabilitation, Drug Intervention. Some rehab centers offer age and gender-specific programs. Rehabilitation may take place in many different environments.

The primary goal of rehab is to restore a person to the highest possible level of independent functioning.

Rehab may take place during acute hospitalization, a rehabilitation facility, a transitional living center, or in the home. During rehabilitation a team of medical specialists will work towards assessing your current state and restoring and maintaining your level of functioning.

The health professionals on the rehab will help you and your family learn how to best health care for you.

There are many rehab centers all over the world: USA, Canada, Europe...

Check out our list of rehabilitation centers and find the best or nearest.


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