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How to recognize drug addict?

Just answer few simple questions

How to recognize drug addict?

It usually takes a lot longer for the addict to recognize a problem because most drug addicts deny to themselves and to all others that they are addicted to drugs (or alcohol). Those who love them like family, friends or partner will like notice it first.

Most addicts are convinced that they can stop their drug or alcohol abuse whenever they want but they can't.

Even when the addict starts to realize the size of their problem they will do what it takes to hide it. Some families can be ruined because the addicted person can be very clever when they have to be.

The first step though is recognizing or helping others recognize that they need help. Some signs that a loved one or a friend need help include seeing behavioral changes that seem out of the ordinary. The second step is finding right rehab center with right treatment.

Find out how to recognize addiction and how to get help if you have an addiction answering this questions:

  1. Is there unusual indifference or apathy?
  2. Turn up late for functions or dates?
  3. Has the individual been making progress in his life; is he getting closer or further away from his goals?
  4. Have unexplained absences from or inconsistencies in his/her usual schedule?
  5. Are there any major changes in behavior? Is the person more irritable than usual?
  6. No longer follow-through on his/her commitments?
  7. Does the person want to be alone more than usual?
  8. Does the person spend more time away from home?
  9. Have major financial fluctuations (like carrying more or considerably less money than usual)?
  10. Have lapses of concentration or memory?
  11. Does the person have a great deal more or less money than one would expect?
  12. Does he or she have “temper tantrums”?
  13. Have more trouble with illness than usual?
  14. Is there money missing from the house?
  15. Appear to be withdrawing from intimate contacts?
  16. Appear to have a new set of friends who he/she is highly involved with but who you don’t get to meet?
  17. Are there major changes in friends?
  18. Does he or she spend inordinate amounts of time isolated from the rest of the family?
  19. Is there a dramatic change of performance on the job or at school?
  20. Have more problems at work than usual?
  21. Has there been a change in energy levels: listlessness, fatigue, etc.?
  22. Appear surprisingly secretive about specific aspects of his/her life?
  23. Has there been any dramatic change in eating habits?
  24. Have more trouble than usual getting it together in the morning?
  25. Are there phone calls at odd hours?
  26. Stay up later at night and sleep in more during the day?

If you answered yes to most of these questions then you should be sure that there is a problem with you or loved one. Yes, the person is addict and should go rehab!


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