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Confession of the mother of drug addicted son

Until then I knew nothing about the heroin!

Confession of the mother of drug addicted son

The force does not help when you have a child who is a drug addict. The parent shall to try all possible ways to awaken in him feeling of love and tenderness because he knows that addicts of them have only one goal - to take drugs. I'm the mother of a young man who takes drugs. My son stopped using heroin and I was really happy.

We all thought it would be a happy end. But after almost half a year break, my son took heroin again. Unrequited love and a girl who leaves him after learning that he had a drug problem, were the trigger to buckle.

As a mother I'm almost completely defeated. I was worn out after all these years of trying to help my child. Sometimes I think it would be better to have one all to whatever end - just to finish. Thousands of them before me have lost children, so why should not I be among them! Then maybe I could continue to live.

My son is handsome, nice, and very smart blue-eyed boy. After two years, I came to New York without any notice and I found him in terrible condition. Immediately I began to question, but he dissuaded me saying that a problem with alcohol.

However, it soon turned out that my son used drugs before, and I did not even come to suspect, for two years! Next seven years, one after the other, alternating the attempts of quitting heroin. All without success. The young man went twice to a clinic for rehab and was treated at the hospital for detoxification where he was being incorporated implants that destroy the desire for drugs. But we always came back again.

Until then, I knew nothing about the heroin. I started from scratch - read various pages on the Internet that help people with addiction problems, met with former drug addicts who have also helped with their rehab experience and advice. Of course, I felt cheated and frightened. As I entered deeper into the world drug addcition, the more I felt fear.

Few years ago I returned him to life when he heroin overdose. I gave him artificial respiration, and consisted of attempts to return him in life while I was doing heart massage. Then I succeeded to win his death. I quit my job to be always with him. I once after an unsuccessful treatment attempts I broke down the bathroom door took away his syringe. We fought like lions but he never, even then, raised a hand or voice on me.

Although I know drugs destroy all emotional ties I know that my family isn't lost. My son is ready to try again with the rehab treatment, and I hope that love that he feel for me help him beat the addiction.

A week ago, my son turned to another clinic for drug rehabilitation. God help us.


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