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Mixing alcohol and drug while driving

Very dangerous mixature!

Mixing alcohol and drug while driving

The combined use of alcohol and drugs (psychotropic substances) significantly increases the risk of being involved in a fatal road accident. Driver who takes drugs is facing two to five times the risk of being involved in a fatality, as compared with a sober driver.

A substance used in combination with another may not only add to but potentiate the action of that other substance, which means that the combined effect is more potent than the sum of the effects of the substances taken separately. Also, do not use medications while driving.

Combinations involving alcohol and another psychotropic substance are particularly dangerous. Mixing alcohol with drugs is the most dangerous.

DrugAloneWith alcohol > 80 mg%
Alcohol > 80 mg%X 70
CannabisX 1.6X 203
CocaineX 4.5X 500
BenzodiazepineX 3.9Undetermined

The mere fact of ingesting more than one alcohol and a drug (psychoactive substance) before driving greatly increases the likelihood of having a fatal accident. The risks of a mishap not only add up, but also multiply. The chances of being involved in a fatal accident is 200 times higher for a driver who has had cannabis along with a quantity of alcohol registering over .08% in the bloodstream. If you're drug addict please find help in nearest rehab center.

Source: Car Advices


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